Armor Gutierrez Rivas (Oviedo, 1984), graduated as an Architect from Polytechnic University of Madrid School of Architecture in 2009. He spent part of his studies abroad at École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette. Member of Cantabria´s Architecture Official College since 2010, he participates actively in several Architectural Workshops with Elia Zenghelis, Carme Pinos or Mathias Klotz along with artistic collaborations with Andrés Jaque, Uriel Fogue or Chema Madoz.

He received a Leonardo grant and joined Bjarke Ingels Group in Copenhagen, working during two years in several projects and actively collaborating in the Expo 2010 Shanghai in China. In 2012 he starts collaboration with MVRDV in Rotterdam, working as a Project Architect and BIM Coordinator, and later developing a number of architectural models for the office. His work has been awarded with several prizes worldwide such as Gaudi Competition for Sustainable Architecture in 2010, Fundamentos de Arquitectura in 2008, Catedra Blanca ETSAM in 2004 or International Art Context Pancho Cossio in 2002 among others.



Nertos Gutierrez Rivas (Santander, 1989), graduated as an Architect from Polytechnic University of Madrid School of Architecture in 2014. He spent part of his studies abroad at Technical University Vienna, where he specialises himself in graphic design and video production.

He continues his education collaborating in several workshops with Campo Baeza, Tuñón y Mansilla or Chema Madoz. During the last three years he participates at IFAC, International Festival of Art and Architecture as Photography and Video tutor and as part of the organization.

In 2013 he worked in partnership with Renzo Piano and Fundacion Botin organizing the exhibition Creating Future at Botin Center, where he explained the future development of Santander city to blind people through tactile models.

His work has been awarded with several prizes worldwide such as Isover Competition 2013, Gaudi Competition for Sustainable Architecture in 2010, or International Art Context Pancho Cossio in 2006, among others.

Daniel Gutiérrez Adán (Santander, 1955), is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses a broad conceptual and formal span with his artistic origins, grounded in the fields of ceramics and sculpture. For over thirty years of practice, he has researched and innovated tirelessly in the territory of contemporary sculpture. His solid technical background is coupled with unrelenting curiosity and a steady and always necessary inquisitive drive. Besides his work as an artist, equally noteworthy is his intensive educational practise, which he has developed in parallel with his art practice since his first steps as a professional. This activity gave him a chance to engage in constant dialogue with younger generations of artists. His work is part of an extensive number of museums and collections, such as Museum Modern Kunst Stittung Ludwig in Vienna;Fine arts Museum Bilbao, Fundación Marcelion Botín Santander, Art Context Mountrouge Paris, New Europa Supranational Art Milan, ARCO`01 Open Spaces Madrid, Basel Art Fair Switzerland; Jacques Hachuel Collection Madrid or Runnymede Sculpture Form Los Angeles.

Our Collaborators

About our practice

Working within the field of Architecture, Atelier La Juntana offers a wide range of services:

  • Architectural design and creative fabrication. 
  • Fab-Lab, workshop for personal digital making.
  • Architectural Models and Prototypes, from urban to mock-up scale.
  • Tactile and Haptic Models for visually impaired and disabled people.
  • Educational Models as teaching tools.
  • One to one Workshops to develop specific models, prototypes, projects and techniques.
  • Group Courses, as an induction in the world of Model Making.
  • Replica of objects, historical and architectural elements.



About us

Atelier La Juntana is a group of architects and artists developing architectural models in an international framework. Their wide collaboration experience with architectural practices and institutions has resulted in an accurate and rigorous but always creative production.

The work realized ranges from the academic to the professional fields, working in partnership with Technical University of Madrid and Cantabria´s Architecture Official College in several projects, and actively cooperating with international architecture offices such as MVRDV (Netherlands) and ADEPT (Denmark).

Using a balanced mix of art and technical skills, their practice combines the precision of the architectural project along with remarkable (innovative or handcrafted) materials and techniques. Therefore the result is not a mere reproduction of the designed project, but rather an artistic interpretation, enhancing the ideas and qualities behind the architectural creation.

Traditional processes used in fine arts such as acid etching, casting resin copies, silicone moulds or embossed paper are combined with cutting-edge manufacturing and prototyping techniques. Likewise, 3D printing and laser cutting process reach a high aesthetic and visual interest, whilst keeping accuracy and precision, both at urban and detailed scales. Our working strategy adapts and varies from traditional sources (reproduction of historical details through moulds on site) to innovative building technologies (production of physical models from BIM project file).

Over the last ten years their work has been exhibited worldwide in several occasions, such as in the 12th International Architecture Biennale in Venice, the Cité de l´Architecture et du Patrimoine de Paris, or Madrid´s Architecture Official College among others, as well as being part of an important selection of architectural offices.

In parallel, Atelier La Juntana investigates diverse possibilities beyond the architectural project representation, including the use of tactile models as a tool for blind people to understand space and architecture. Visually handicapped people can easily recognize three-dimensional shapes through touching sensations. Therefore volumes are etched, shaped and treated, helping them to comprehend the environment in which they live and to be able to judge future developments.

Another field of interest is the educational model for adults and kids with disability problems, helping them to understand the history and evolution of our cities and buildings. These activities aim to bring architectural projects, often seen as complex and exclusive, to the people, through interactive and detachable models which can be transported to several places.

Atelier La Juntana encourages you join us and collaborate in a continuous process of investigation, developing common projects and making from each new challenge an opportunity to reach an original and extraordinary result.

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